Patient and Public Involvement

Two members of the team have experience of caring for a relative or close friend with advanced dementia and will play an important role in the design of patient information, promotion of the trial and in the analysis of data

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Kick-Off Meeting

Members of the NAMASTE Trial Project gathered at Lancaster University on the 20th December 2016 for the inaugural 'Kick-Off' meeting

A feasibility trial to improve the quality of dying for people with advanced dementia living in care homes

NAMASTE Research Tweets:

NamasteResearch Delighted that our latest #NamasteTrial paper has just been published: Realist review of #Namaste Care and other sensory interventions for advanced #dementia . #hpm
04:33PM 07/12/18
NamasteResearch Delighted that the protocol for our #NamasteTrial is now published, and freely available: #hpm #dementia More publications to follow ....
10:32PM 27/11/18
NamasteResearch A pleasure to work with @NIHRCRN_gman on this study.
11:00AM 11/09/18
NamasteResearch Fabulous to work with all the homes taking part in @NamasteResearch too.
10:59AM 11/09/18
NamasteResearch And check out our infographics as a way of enhancing communication about #NamasteTrial intervention. #ASPPCC2018
09:03AM 15/03/18