The Namaste Care Trial was a 3 phase research study


Phase 1: Review

Undertake interviews with experts in the delivery of Namaste Care. Search for literature to identify which elements of Namaste Care work best for people with advanced dementia within nursing care homes.

Phase 2: Intervention Refinement

Conduct workshops with family members of people with advanced dementia who are living in nursing care homes and nursing care home staff. Prepare appropriate resource materials to support the delivery of Namaste Care in nursing care homes.

Phase 3: Feasibility Trial

Conduct a feasibility trial in eight nursing care homes. Six care homes will be randomly selected to use Namaste Care. Two care homes will be randomly selected to use their normal practice of care.
Each person with dementia will receive Namaste Care seven days a week with two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. The feasibility of delivering the Namaste Care intervention and undertaking research on the intervention in the nursing care homes will be assessed using surveys, observation and interviews.

Further details about the study and the research design are available on the funder’s website: